Econet support for BeebEm

This is a quick page thrown together to provide a link for download of my modifications to BeebEm 2.1

Most of the code is in econet.cpp. There are some modifications to beebem, beebmem and 6502core to call these routines. All mods should be found by searching for "Rob" however anything labeled "econet" is likely to be new! In addition, you will find some random thoughts in econet.txt and a disassembly of the DNFS rom with a few routines commented in dnfs.txt. econet.cfg determines the translation between econet and IP addresses.

Communication between machines is via UDP/IP packets.

This download is full copy of a BeebEm installation, with source directory.

comments to me at robert@ this domain name - I'll set up a forum or a mailing list if it becomes necessary.

Status so far

BeebEm December 2006. Mike has taken my routines, got them working properly, and integrated them into BeebEm from v. 3.1beta onwards. You can download this from his website linked to here. Amazingly, as this emulates at the hardware level, it even allows you to run TorchNet !
14th Jan 2005. Pretty much everything is coded up. It all seems as if it will work. DNFS sends a packet out onto the network, and even appears to receive something. occasionally. this is where I am stuck now. I am pretty sure that the problems are in the threaded reception routines.

Other Files of Interest

SSD disc image containing utility program to check if a disc (floppy or winchester) has a valid Level 3 fileserver partition on it, and if so, display a little information about it. Also included is source code to the program, HiBasic, HiEdit, and the level 1 fileserver. !Boot runs the fileserver so that station 254 can access directory $ across the network (in order to load the checker program!)